FAQ: Mia Belle Insider

After your first purchase, you'll be charged x / month that becomes $x store credit unless you CANCEL or PAUSE your membership. Store credit can be used to shop anytime and never expires.

The Mia Belle Insider membership is flexible with no obligation to shop each month. You are free to PAUSE your membership or accumulate your store credit to be used whenever you are ready to shop.

Want to make a one-time purchase? Simply select “One-time purchase” in your shopping cart. Whether you're shopping as a Mia Belle Insider or One-time purchase.

You will be charged monthly. Your store credit will be updated automatically, and you can use your balance to make purchases right away.

You need to go into the “Manage Membership” section of your Insider account. Under your personal information is a button called “CANCEL MEMBERSHIP.” Click this to both cancel or pause your membership. On the first screen, it will ask you if you want to pause instead of cancel.

You can pause your membership for up to 3 months at a time. Once you reactivate your membership your card will be charged monthly

No, the only checkout checkout that will NOT let you redeem your store credit is ShopPay.