Mia Belle Girls CRUMBL Cookie Review

🍪Our sweet Mia Belle Girls Cookie and Selina take a trip to the famous CRUMBL Cookies and let us know which is their favorite! Known for it's rotating weekly menu, let's see if these cookies meet our little divas' standards!🍪

🥮Honey Bun🥮

Selina said she loved the Honey Bun cookie flavor, and Cookie gave it a 9/10!

🥧Lemon Cream Pie🥧

Both our girls were big fans on lemon cream and gave this cookie a 10/10!

🍫Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunk🍫

Although unsure at first, Selina was won over by the big chunks of chocolate and gave it a 10/10, while Cookie gave it an awesome 9/10!

🖤Chocolate Crumb Ft Oreo🖤

This was an easy judge for both girls who loved the way the frosting and Oreo cookie taste worked together. Both gave it 10/10

🥜Peanut Butter Crisp Ft. Butterfinger🥜

Sadly, not every cookie can be a winner, as this was so disliked by both girls that they couldn't finish their bites. Selina even said it was "DISTUSTING!" 1/10 for the Butterfinger flavor.

🤍Cookie Butter White Chip Ft. Biscoff🤍

Cookie and Selina both agreed they liked the white chocolate chips and both gave it a solid score of 8/10.
Mia Belle Girls CRUMBL Cookie Review | Mia Belle Girls Blog

🥰Which Were Their Favorites?🥰

Selina liked the Honey Bun cookie the best even though she gave higher scores to other flavors. Cookie had to go with her top score; the Oreo cookie.
Have you and your little girls been to CRUMBL COOKIES? What's been your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments below.


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