Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

Looking for fun ways to celebrate with your adorable angel this August? Staying engaged with your child as she grows is essential. But sometimes, there doesn't seem to be anything to do. Fear not, Mia Belle Girls has got you covered with tons of creative activities for you to remember for years to come. Here's a fun list of days to share with girls this month.

First Week of August: Exercise With Your Child Week

Exercise with Your Child Week - Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

This week is a perfect opportunity to practice good health and stay active with your little girl. We recommend intermediate activities throughout the day at their level for our younger girls (infants to age 5). That's right, parents; getting down on the floor will help you view their world and how best to practice aerobics as well as bone and muscle-strengthening activities. Don't forget to drink plenty of water and take breaks for snacks!

August 1: National Sister's Day

Mia Belle Girls Sisters' Day -Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

Does your little one have siblings? Help her honor the bond she has with them with National Sister's Day. Watch sister-themed movies like Frozen or Hocus Pocus. Draw pictures of each other or write a thankful message. And of course, take pictures together always to remember these special moments.

August 3: Watermelon Day

Mia Belle Girls Watermelon Day -Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

Perfect for managing the Summer heat and staying hydrated, it's Watermelon Day! Did you know watermelons are 92% water? Teach your little learner why she should make it a part of her diet, draw pictures of or make carvings out of the sweet, refreshing fruit, and even wear watermelon-themed clothing, like outfits in our Mia Belle Girls collections!

August 7: National Play Outside Day

Mia Belle Mommy & Me - Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

The first Saturday of every month is designated National Play Outside Day. This monthly pastime helps develop a lifetime habit of physical activity and appreciation for the world around us. For August, take some time with your little girl to simply out into the world and have fun! Talk a walk around the neighborhood, visit your local park or playground, or maybe have a tea party in your backyard. 

August 10: National S'mores Day

National S'mores Day -Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

Here's a yummy day worth celebrating this month! Be honest; when's the last time you or your little girl has had a s'more? It seems like this holiday may be long overdue for you! What a fun way to make memories with your sweetling and teach them your favorite way to make--and eat, this tasty treat.

August 16: National Stay at Home with Your Kids Day

Mommy & Me -Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

Now you have a fun excuse to play hooky and hang out with your special girl for those who don't work from home. And if you usually work from home, today is to celebrate all the great things you have done at home together. Take a personal day to spend lounging, learning, and laughing together with movies, snacks, and pretend play. She'll be heading back to school soon, so make the most of this day.

August 22: National Tooth Fairy Day

Tooth Fairy Day -Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

Relive the fantasy and fun of your own childhood with your small wonder by celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day. Teach your little one about the Tooth Fairy with fun books and movies. Or play pretend and dress up as your own special fairies with help from our Dress Up Collection. This day is also an excellent opportunity to learn the importance of dental care and makes potentially losing teeth a less painful experience for your child.

August 30: Frankenstein Friday

National Frankenstein Day -Mia Belle Girls Calendar August 2021

A fantastic way to end the month is by celebrating one of history's most famous authors, Mary Shelley, and her book Frankenstein. Read up on the author and passages from the original text or find a child-friendly adaptation. Draw pictures of the Frankenstein monster or bake cookies in his likeness. The easiest way to celebrate is to wear lots of green!

Every month is an opportunity to find, explore, and celebrate new things with your precious child. Stay tuned for our next Mia Belle Girls Calendar to help you find even more amazing things to do together.

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