How Much Do YOU Know About Barbie?

🎀Happy National Barbie Day from Mia Belle Girls! Barbie has been an icon for generations. But how much do you really now about the pink Diva? Are you ready to test your knowledge about Barbie and her adorable adventures? Let's get started!🤔
How Well Do You Know Barbie Quiz | Mia Belle Girls Blog

What is Barbie's full name?

a) Barbara Roberts b) Barbie Smith c) Bethany Roberts d) Bella Johnson


What is Barbie's favorite color?
a) Pink b) Blue c) Purple d) Green


Who are Barbie's best friends?
a) Skipper and Stacey b) Ken and Skipper c) Ken and Stacey d) Teresa and Nikki


What does Barbie love to do in her spare time?
a) Play soccer b) Paint and draw c) Play video games d) Read books

 How Well Do You Know Barbie Quiz | Mia Belle Girls Blog

Which pet does Barbie have?
a) A cat named Whiskers b) A dog named Sparky c) A horse named Stardust d) A bird named Tweetie


What is the name of the school Barbie attends?
a) Sunnyville Elementary b) Sparkleland Academy c) Dreamhouse School d) Barbie attends homeschooling

How Much Do You Know About Barbie | Mia Belle Girls

Which career has Barbie not pursued in her adventures?
a) Astronaut b) Chef c) Veterinarian d) Rockstar


What is the name of Barbie's little sister?
a) Stacy b) Chelsea c) Kelly d) Jenny


What is Barbie's favorite treat?
a) Ice cream b) Cupcakes c) Pizza d) Cookies


What is Barbie's catchphrase when she's excited?
a) "Awesome!" b) "Fantastic!" c) "Yay, me!" d) "Hooray!"

How Well Do You Know Barbie Quiz | Mia Belle Girls Blog

How Did You Do?

  1. Answer: a) Barbara Roberts
  2. Answer: a) Pink
  3. Answer: c) Ken and Stacey
  4. Answer: b) Paint and draw
  5. Answer: c) A horse named Stardust
  6. Answer: d) Barbie attends homeschooling
  7. Answer: b) Chef
  8. Answer: b) Chelsea
  9. Answer: a) Ice cream
  10. Answer: c) "Yay, me!"
Did YOU get all the answers? Did you learn something new? Let us know in the comments below! 
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