Ensemble of the Week: The Plaid Tunic and Legging Set Everyone Is Talking About

Mia Belle Girls Can't Go Wrong with Casual Chic Ruffled Plaid Tunic with Legging Set
Is your little ready to join the Plaid Girls Club? Then this sweet, chic ensemble may just be up her alley.
Cute little squares? Check. Chic ruffle and button bib collar? Check. Striking and bold shades of red contrasted with sleek black? Double Check. All that seems to be missing is your fun-size fashionista!
The shape of the long-sleeve tunic top is flattering with soft, satin-like materials. She'll have lots of fun twirling to make the pretty ruffles go flying about her.
But its that precious bib collar that steals the show. The ruffles are perfectly placed, highlighting the buttons in the center. The lower neckline will frame her lovely face in school pictures, holiday photos, and selfies with mommy!
Stark black leggings feel silky and snug to help keep her warm as the weather begins to cool. When paired with the tunic, it truly makes the itty-bity black squares in the plaid design pop with definition. It almost looks 3D!
Add on a casual wool hat and a sweet pair of flats and she'll have an outfit she can't go wrong in. Turn your good girl into a PLAID girl and get this tunic and legging set for only $34.99 today.
Hey! What if you PLAID an extra bonus? Get a SPECIAL discount when you use code BLOG10. Discount ends 10/12/2021, so don't miss out on your extra savings! 

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