Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting For Summer Break

👧🖌️✂️📦Welcome back to the Creative Cuties Craft Corner, this go-round, we took a look at painting with spray bottles and water pistols. Not only does it put a spin on making art with your kids this Summer Break, but provides a unique result each and every time.💦🎨🔫

Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting
🤷‍♀️🎨Let's face it; painting with small kids can be a handful. From setting up to cleaning up, it often seems more trouble than it's worth. But you still want to find fun and inventive ways to grow your sweet girl's artistic nature and help pass the time while keeping her entertained. 
Water painting with spray bottles and water pistols is not only accessible for kids of all ages but can be done outside in your own backyard. It's a great Spring Break pass time, party game, or afterschool activity that's cost-effective and easy to repeat.👧🖌️
What You'll Need...
While there's no way to get around the potential mess, we can use paints that make setting out, cleaning, and storing a much simpler process. Using different paints and dyes will affect the quality and mixture of the final art piece, so feel free to try a different one each time and see which your little learner likes best.
🔴🔵🟣Food Coloring🔴🔵🟣
Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting
Food coloring is a non-toxic and affordable alternative to paints for small children. Additionally, it's easy to store, and you use only what you need when you need it, ensuring you won't run out any time soon. Be advised the dye stains clothing quickly, so play clothes and protected surfaces or outdoor areas are best for clean up with the least amount of fuss.
🟢⚪🔴Tempera Paint🟢⚪🔴
Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting
Whether you've seen your local school's supply closet or not, most likely, tempera paint makes up your child's projects in the classroom. It's washable, non-toxic, and dilutes with water. The colors are vivid and are sure to make your sweet girl smile.
🟤🔵🟠Pan Watercolor Set🟤🔵🟠
Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting
The first visual that comes to mind when you think of children's paint is this simple little set can be found almost everywhere and serves as the perfect introductory painting kit for kids. Each color only needs a few drops of water to activate and dries out on its own. A great place to start for pre-made paints.
Tools For Crafting...
💧🔫Water Pistol💧🔫
Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting

These tiny plastic toys have been a staple of childhood summers and play for decades. Who doesn't love spraying a friend with water then dashing away before they return the favor? And when color is thrown into the mix, the fun is elevated to a whole new level. You can easily buy them individually or by the pack at most grocery and convenience stores.

💦Spray Bottles💦
An excellent water pistol alternative would be small spray bottles. Perhaps even more accessible, they create a different atmosphere regarding handling the medium and are better for inside projects with a more controlled spray. And because so many are sold with transparent containers, knowing which colors you're using is made simple.
📔Sketchbook Paper📔
Because we're dealing with watercolors, ordinary paper may not stand up to your precious painters' artistic process. Sketch paper is thick enough to handle what she may throw at it and makes for a great little canvas to hang in her room or display on the fridge.
Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting
Nowadays, canvases come in a wide range of sizes, from big to miniature. A larger canvas means more space for paint and more room for others to join in the fun. On the other hand, small or handheld canvases create a challenge for your kids to overcome, which hones their focus, concentration, and skill.
Other items to help would be a glass cup, jar, or bowl for mixing, resealable snack bags for pouring, paper towels, scissors, clips, and tape.
📐🖌️✂️How To Make...📐🖌️✂️
Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting
Regardless of the paints you choose, all will need to be diluted with water and transported into the spray bottle or water pistol. Warm or hot water works best during the mixing process.

Pan colors can be easily removed and placed directly into the water to sit for a minute before mixing thoroughly, like food dyes and dry tempera. Liquid tempera can be added to a resealable snack bag with a small amount of water and mixed. The bag makes for less to clean up, and scissors to cut a small opening in a bottom corner easily transfer the paint into the spray container. Use a different bottle for each color and get ready to have some fun.
🤸‍♀️🟡🔫Fun Ways To Play...🤸‍♀️🟡🔫
Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting

🔸🟪🔺If you create a large enough sheet to paint, think about adding letters, numbers, shapes, or animals to the background and make it a learning game. Cutting out designs and words and sticking them on top of your canvas will later reveal custom silhouette art made by your little artist. Practice social distancing by placing the canvas six feet away for a fun, artistic challenge.🐈🐕🐐


Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Water Pistol Painting
🤷‍♀️Aaaaaaand She's Bored. Time To Store...📦
Clean-up should be relatively straightforward, depending on your methods for mixing and painting. Encourage your darling to spray until the water pistol or bottle is empty. Leave the artwork to dry for several minutes before putting it away or hanging it to display. All of your tools can be soaked for several minutes in hot to warm water and soaped to be as good as new. Used snack bags and paper towels hit the trash can, and with a quick hand washing, we're all done.

👩‍👧‍👧The rest is up to you! Have you tried this process with your little one before? If so, leave a comment below on your experience and what you both learned. We'd absolutely love to hear from our creative cuties out there.🗣️

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