Costume Closet: Isabella & Mirabel Madrigal

🕯️🏠Does your little girl wonder what it's like to live in the Casa Madrigal? Make her Encanto-inspired fantasies come to life with our amazing girls Halloween Costume ideas: Isabella & Mirabel Madrigal! This sister-duo costume idea just might outdo our reigning Queens, Anna & Elsa!👭
Costume Closet: Encanto's Isabella & Mirabel Madrigal | Mia Belle Blog
🕯️The name "Mirabel" means "wonderous." Does that sound like a certain little girl you know? Then our Mirabel Real Magic Tutu Dress Costume is perfect to make trick-or-treating, birthdays, pretend play, and Encanto sing-alongs fantastical!🎶
🦋Hand-tailored details shine with it's crochet knit bodice covered in cute flowers and charming butterflies--just like her dress from the movie! Only we've added fluffy tulle to make dancing and twirling even more fun. And carrying her candy is super easy with the cute brown bag that comes with the tutu dress! Help your little girl share the real gift: her wonderful personality!👧
Costume Closet: Encanto's Isabella & Mirabel Madrigal | Mia Belle Blog
🥿You're gonna LOVE the shoes and accessories we have to put the finishing touches this enchanting costume. Our Mirabel Inspired Pink Floral Ballerina Flats by Liv & Mia look identical to those warn by the daring young heroine. And Mirabel wouldn't get very far without her trusty Green Glasses Frames.👓
Don't worry, moms. These frames are lens-free and child-safe for hours of play! And for the cherry on top: Pink Fuzzy Earrings! Soft and adorable, they match the shoes perfectly and bring the look together! Magnifica!🎊
Costume Closet: Encanto's Isabella & Mirabel Madrigal | Mia Belle Blog
💃Well, if it isn't senorita perfecta, Isabella Madrigal. She makes perfect practice poses and flowers galore, but there's more to this beauty than perfection, and that's when she shines the brightest.🌺
🌵Our Isabella Floral Tiered Tutu Dress Costume forms the sweetest silhouette of purple tulle. Puff sleeves and frills in the front, of course! Plus delicate flower applique across the bodice. The dress itself is lightweight and comfortable, so there's no slowing your little girl down as she makes rows and rows of roses.🌹
Costume Closet: Encanto's Isabella & Mirabel Madrigal | Mia Belle Blog
🩰Don't forget the perfect accessories! Our Sequin Magic Metallic Strap Flats by Liv & Mia carry a little sparkle in every step and elevate the dress nicely. We even have a complete Isabella Jewelry Set that includes one necklace, bracelet, ring, and pair of earrings!💍
💐And to top off the ensemble, a Delicate Flower Halo that looks...well, perfect! We know your golden child will adore the way she looks and feels like her favorite Disney character.👑
Tell us which is your little girls' favorite (or why it's both!) in the comments below to receive a special one-time 15% OFF Halloween discount code! We can't wait to see how your precious gifts look in these stunning tutu dress Halloween costumes!

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  • Margaux

    Both. Mirabel – because she is more fun and looks like my daughter, Isabelle – because she is beautiful.
    It’s a pity you don’t have Louisa and Abuela Alma costumes because they are favorites too.

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