3 Ways To Wednesday Addams This Halloween!

👋Even though Halloween 2023 falls on a Tuesday, Mia Belle Girls wants to help you make it all about WEDNESDAY! Whether it's trick-or or just a fun dress-up day, these three distinct Wednesday Addams-inspired costumes will help young girls channel their inner spooky-chic fashionista. Here's a style guide to make the most of these outfits and capture the essence of Wednesday's iconic look and even one that Mommy can share! And there's a special discount waiting for you at the end!🎃

Mia Belle Girls 3 Cute Wednesday Addams Halloween Costumes

  • The Look: This tiered dress is all about the chic combo of creepy and cute. With a sleek sheer neckline and layered tulle skirt, your little one will stand out in style and look just like her favorite character! Inspired by the recent remake series, the high collar, frilled shoulders and belt make this outfit fun for recreating the famous dance scene!💃
  • Hair:  To pull of that signature Wednesday look, darker hair is a plus. Style hair into a pinned up-do with bangs. It would be easy to start with pigtails as the base and bin them into buns. Think about grabbing a cosplay wig from us instead of using dyes or sprays on lighter hair.💈
  • Footwear: Pair the costume with black boots that exude an edgy vibe, like our Chained & Pearled Ankle Boots that perfectly complement the eerie elegance of the dress. Not to mention how great they'll look with the rest of her wardrobe.🥾
  • Accessories: Keep it simple with minimalistic accessories. Consider adding a dark stockings to complete the ensemble. To really sell the Wednesday Addams illusion, get our hands on our Thing Hand Figurine.🖐️
  • Makeup: Opt for a pale complexion with subtle dark eyeliner and a slightly paler lip color to maintain the spooky charm. And since it's a dance, be sure to add in a dash oh glitter makeup.💄

Mia Belle Girls 3 Cute Wednesday Addams Halloween Costumes

  • The Look: Create a matching mother-daughter duo with your little one, embracing both Wednesday's old school elements and mother Morticia's gothic sophistication. This creepy-chic combo is sure to snag trophies for best dressed at Halloween parties, pageants, trunk-or-treats or neighborhood festivals.👩‍👦
  • Young Girls: Dress your young girl in this velvety black skater dress with white lace ruffle collar and and cuffs. It's an adorable twist on the iconic outfit warn by the original Wednesday. Pair it with striped socks and vintage loafers for a vintage look that will impress friends and family alike with her incredible style.👧
  • Mom: Wear the matching velvety soft floor-length dress with lace details, starting just above the knees. This makes sure your super cute shoes don't go unseen and keeps the dress flowy and breathable. A flattering look that enhances your shape while remaining modest.🖤
  • Accessories: Both can wear dark, elegant accessories like our Women's Gothic Lace Necklace & Earring Set or Women's Pointed Toe Lace Heels for a touch of mystique. Carrying around a sing rose would also help sell the costume!🥀
  • Makeup: Embrace the elegant yet morbid appeal of Morticia by straightening your hair and painting your nails a brilliant red to complete the fantasy. Maintain a pale complexion and opt for a dark, overstated eyeliner and eye shadow, and a vibrant red lipstick look to capture Morticia's essence.💅

Mia Belle Girls 3 Cute Wednesday Addams Halloween Costumes

  • The Look: This uniform costume has those once purple Nevermore stripes and strips them of color, since we know Wednesday is allergic to color. A lightweight buttoned blazer with faux pockets and a matching skirt with an elastic waistband for comfy all-day wear. Add a simple white collared shirt underneath, or make it even cuter with our Swiss dot chiffon blouse, as one is not included.🏫
  • Hair: It's just not Wednesday without those pigtails! Recreate Wednesday's signature side braids for an instantly recognizable effect.🖤
  • Footwear: Complete the ensemble with sturdy black combat boots that embody the rebellious spirit of the character.🤘
  • Accessories: A simple black headband or a dark ribbon can be a subtle yet effective accessory. Knee-high black socks and this cool smiley face woven tote that makes a perfect candy bag! If it's a daytime look, add a black umbrella to keep your little one cool and on theme!☂️
  • Makeup: Stick to minimal makeup with a touch of dark eyeliner and perhaps a slightly smudged lip for a hint of intrigue.🥰

Mia Belle Girls 3 Cute Wednesday Addams Halloween Costumes

General Tips:
  • Color Palette: Stick to a monochrome palette of black, white, and gray to capture the Addams family aesthetic. A little will go a long way, so keep it subtle so she's picture-perfect!🖤🤍
  • Hair: Pigtails, bangs and neat buns are key to achieving Wednesday's signature look. Another wonderful thing about this costume is the ease in the hairstyle. While wigs and extensions are always an option, the darker the hair color, the better!👍
  • Attitude: Encourage your young one to embrace Wednesday's stillness, long stares, and independent attitude while having fun with the costume. Maybe re-watch the movies and shows to find quotes your cutie can say to help her really feel like the eldest Addams' child.😈
  • Confidence: The most important accessory is confidence. Remind your young girl that embracing her uniqueness is what makes her truly spooky-chic! We KNOW she's going to look amazing, but it's also important that she's having fun! Encourage her to take pictures, dance, and maybe tell her friends in advance to see if they would like to wear matching outfits. The more the merrier! 👧

🤯Your young girls can confidently channel their inner Wednesday Addams while showcasing a blend of creepy and chic fashion that's perfect for Halloween, parties, or any dress-up occasion. Looking for that little extra something to take your Halloween costume over the top? Be sure to check out our Halloween Accessories or use discount code SPOOKYBLOG for 15% off all Halloween collections.🛒

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