Which kind of Witch is Your Little Girl? Take this Quiz and See

Witches can come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. But if you could choose, which type of witch would you want to be? This cute quiz may just brew up an answer!

Mia Belle Girls Which Witch Halloween Quiz
Mia Belle Girls Girls Deluxe Witch Tutu Dress Trio Costume

Mostly As: A Good Witch

Good witches have all the glamour. That sweet sorceress is all that's wonderful about magic! She helps those in need and inspires others to find their own kind of magic. Potions, spells, and charms galore, all with the best intensions so she can't spread more goodness around the world.

Mia Belle Girls Hocus Pocus Inspired Halloween CostumesMostly Bs: A Wicked Witch

Something wicked this way comes! This is one witch you don't want to cross because she just may fly off the (BROOM) handle and curse you for fun. She revels in using her magic for her own gain and is looking for a way to ruin your way. 
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Mostly Cs: A Sea Witch

Mysterious and alluring, she's not exactly what she seems. The oceans are hers to command with enchanting potions and sweet promises. But beware, this siren might lure you in and wrap you up in her tentacles. 
Mia Belle Girls Harry Potter Gryffindor Inspired Tutu Dress Costume

Mostly Ds: A Scholarly Witch

She's got beauty, magic, and the brains to know how to use them! Always ready to learn something new, she strives to be the best and have fun. Her wand is at the ready and she's going to change the wizarding world!
So, what was your outcome? Did you get the witch you intended? We'd love to read your comments down below. Be on the lookout for our next cute quiz coming soon!

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