The Cutest DIY Easter Vase Craft for Kids

Hop into some cute and couture home décor with our easy-to-make DIY Easter vase craft! Get ready to bring the Easter spirit into your home with this adorable activity to share with your little ones. With colorful M&M’s, cute Peeps, and lovely tulips, this craft will not only brighten up your space but also engage your little chickadees in a fun Easter activity. Let's hop into it!

The Cutest DIY Easter Vase Craft for Kids | Mia Belle Girls Blog

Materials Needed:
  • Pastel M&M’s
  • Yellow and Pink Peeps
  • Real or Faux Tulips
  • Small or Medium Vase
  • Clear or Glass Large Outer Bowl
  • Scissors (for adult use)
  • Water (if using real tulips)

The Cutest DIY Easter Vase Craft for Kids | Mia Belle Girls Blog

Getting Started:

  1. Prepare Your Workspace: Lay out all your materials on a clean and flat surface. Make sure to have enough space for your little ones to work comfortably.

  2. Place Vase in the Bowl: Placing the vase in the center will let us see how much space we have for our sweet treats to go around. This will not only add a decorative element but also provide stability to your Easter centerpiece.

  3. Add the M&M’s: Start by filling the bottom of your outer bowl with a layer of pastel M&M’s. This will serve as the base and add a pop of color to your Easter vase.

  4. Position the Peeps: Next, place your yellow and pink Peeps around the inside edge of the outer bowl. These cute little marshmallow chicks will add a festive touch to your Easter creation. You can even let your kids decide how they want to position the Peeps!

  5. Add more M&M’s: Use the remaining M&M's to fill the negative space between the peeps until the rest of the outer bowl is full.

  6. Insert the Tulips: Now it's time to add the tulips! If you're using real tulips, trim the stems to fit the height of your vase and remove any excess leaves. Fill the vase with water and carefully place the tulips inside. If you're using faux tulips, simply insert them into the vase.

  7. Display Your Creation: Once everything is in place, find the perfect spot to display your DIY Easter vase. Whether it's on the dining table, kitchen counter, or mantel, your colorful creation is sure to spread Easter cheer throughout your home!

 The Cutest DIY Easter Vase Craft for Kids | Mia Belle Girls Blog

Optional: Customize and Experiment:
Feel free to get creative with your Easter vase! You can try using different types of candy, mix and match colors, or even add additional decorations like ribbon or Easter-themed stickers. Let your imagination run wild!
Enjoy and Share:
Sit back, admire your handiwork, and enjoy the festive atmosphere created by your DIY Easter vase. Don't forget to share your creation with friends and family to spread the Easter joy! It makes a wonderful gift for teachers, classmates, and even coworkers!
The Cutest DIY Easter Vase Craft for Kids | Mia Belle Girls Blog

With just a few simple materials and easy steps, you and your little ones can create a delightful Easter vase that will brighten up any room. Get ready to celebrate Easter in style with this fun and colorful craft!

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