Reveal Her Magical Character For A FREE Halloween Costume!

🧚‍♀️We're here to take pretend play to the next level! Help create a magical character for your little girl and share the story in the comments below for a chance to win a FREE Fairy or Unicorn Halloween Costume!🤯

Reveal Her Magical Character For A FREE Halloween Costume!
    To enter is simple:
1. Have your little girl choose her character from the mini quiz below 👧
2. Have her create her own fairytale story 📗🧝‍♀️🏰
3. Share it in the comments below!💬


🦄And that's all! One lucky winner will get to pick from these 5 stunning Fairy & Unicorn Halloween Costumes on Wednesday September 14th to ensure the costume arrives in time for Halloween events!🧚‍♀️
Reveal Her Magical Character For A FREE Halloween Costume!

    This Girls Magical Golden Rainbow Unicorn Costume is TOO adorable! 😍The sparkly hi-lo tutu skirt and rainbow bodice match the included unicorn headband and golden wings! It's a complete ensemble your little girl will adore!
    This Girls White Angel Unicorn Tutu Halloween Costume looks as angelic as it sounds.😇 The costume includes a cotton-lined, elastic top and a fluffy tulle skirt. It comes with a satin sash embellished with pretty flower appliques. 
    One of nature's most beautiful creations (besides your little princess) is the butterfly. This Girls Golden Butterfly Fairy Halloween Costume has gold sparkly sequins sewn all over the bodice. 🦋
    They say your little girl is something of a dark horse, but actually, She's a lovely dark unicorn! 🖤This hauntingly pretty Girls Dark Black Unicorn Halloween Tutu Costume tutu dress features a crochet bodice and layers of fluffy tulle with cotton lining underneath. 
    She is ready to go to Neverland in this shimmery Girls Flower Sequined Tinkerbell Inspired Halloween Costume ✨The sweet tutu-shape dress has flower appliques sewn along the front. The colorful tulle on the outside creates a fluffy fairy tulle skirt. 
    Here's the mini quiz to help your little girl create her ultimate fairytale fantasy! Don't forget to tell us the story she created in the comments below to be entered in to win one of these 5 Halloween Costumes for FREE!

    🤔 Which Magical Creature Would Your Daughter Wish To Be? 🤔

    Reveal Her Magical Character For A FREE Halloween Costume!

    🌳 Where Would She Live? 🗻

    Reveal Her Magical Character For A FREE Halloween Costume!

    ✨ When She Waves Her Magic Wand, She Can...? 🔮

    Reveal Her Magical Character For A FREE Halloween Costume!
    👧 Now the rest is up to her imagination! Will she be a dark unicorn making dreams come true for all her toys? Or will she sprinkle fairy dust to make her friends fly? Is trouble brewing in the Golden Meadows or have you been summoned to the Magical Waterfalls? We can't WAIT to read the stories your creative cuties can come up with! 🧚‍♀️
    🎉The winner will be emailed directly for their choice of costume September 14th, so be sure to get in your stories as soon as possible. Have fun and good luck to all our Mia Belle Girls! 🤞


      • Ashley Hampel

        Tenley (6) would be the golden butterfly fairy. She would live in rainbow forest and when she waves her magic wand she can make you fly, just like her 8 year old angel sister Jocelyn

      • Stephanie Jacobsen

        Aspen 2 – She would be a magical unicorn living in the rainbow forest, dancing under rainbow fireworks to Cody Johnson “Until you can’t”! She’s a unicorn that believes in living her best life!

      • Casey

        Elsie is a glittering garden fairy living in the enchanted garden. Her house is underneath the prettiest flower. She loves all living things but can make flowers grow by waving her magical wand!

      • Ariyah

        Ariyah age 5- I would be the randow unicorn. I’d live in the dark woods and make happy rainbows firerworks everywhere . To make it bright and shinny so no one would be sad there . I’d also give lots of candy randows too.

      • Samantha

        Dark Unicorn: age 6
        “the Dark Unicorn who lived in the dark woods was dark. But she was happy and nice. And everyone was afraid of her. So she made a rainbow firework so everyone could see she was colorful too. And she liked to dance and party. And everyone was nice to her. The end”

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