Top 5 Denim Diva Designs For Back To School 2021

Denim is life (don't @ us)! It's undeniably a fundamental part of any casual wardrobe and most definitely popular with children. But we here at Mia Belle Girls wouldn't dress our sweet sprouts in just any old denim this back-to-school season. Here are 5 unique looks directly from our Mia Belle Girls collections.

Yellow Leopard Ruffle Top and Patched Jeans Set

Mia Belle Girls Yellow Leopard Ruffled Top and Patched Jeans Set

Your little girl will work this wild and winsome ensemble. Golden yellow is such a powerful color and pops when paired with denim. The leopard print pattern comes through gorgeously throughout the sleeve top with synched cuffs, making them perfect for rolling up to the elbows until the weather cools. And get a loud of those shoulder ruffles that run down the front of the shirt! So sophisticated! You gotta love the way the leopard print integrates into the frayed jean patches. Although these two pieces can be pairs with other clothing, they genuinely shine together.

Rainbow Sweatshirt and Rainbow Unicorn Skirt Set

Mia Belle Girls Rainbow Sweatshirt and Rainbow Unicorn Skirt Set

Denim is cool, but denim and unicorns together are the look! This super-cute casual set brightens up any classroom or back-to-school photo. The long sleeve white sweater comes covered with thin black stripes with the collar, cuffs, and trim. This decision highlights the clouds at the ends of the vibrant rainbow at the center, raining down colorful puffballs. Once we hit the skirt, we see a similar rainbow on the left and the addition of a beautiful unicorn with colorful tassels for hair. The denim skirt itself comes pleated, making naturally flattering folds as it stops above the knees. 

“You Are My Sunshine” Raglan Top and Patched Jeans Sunflower Set


Mia Belle Girls "You Are My Sunshine" Raglan Top and Patched Jeans Sunflower Set

Sunflowers always shine brightly, but when they appear in this outfit, they simply sparkle. Who doesn't love a shirt that speaks for you? Your sunshine won't be able to get over the cute bees and hearts that surround the two brilliant sunflowers. White text reading "You Are my Sunshine" pops against the black background. Meanwhile, the raglan collar and sleeves show off a lovely golden yellow color with multi-layer ruffles at the cuffs. And when you add the sunflower patched denim jeans to the equations, you've got one winning combination.

Girls Sweet Sweet Spring Collared Top and Denim Skirt Set

Mia Belle Girls Sweet Sweet Spring Collared Top and Denim Skirt Set

Spring may be over, but this sweet, sweet look is evergreen and never goes out of style! A little more dressy than the previous looks, the versatility of this ensemble cannot be overstated. The long-sleeve white button-down blouse arrives ornately decorated with lace and lots of lovely tiny flowers. Synched cuffs create ruffles at the base of the sleeve to match the gorgeous doubled collar. We love the way this upgrades the casual pleated denim skirt with an all-around frayed trim. We can't think of a better first-day back outfit! 

Sweet Pumpkin Top and Denim Overall Set

Mia Belle Girls Sweet Pumpkin Top and Denim Overall Set

Fall is just around the corner. And you know what that means: pumpkins! But Mia Belle Girls don't settle for just any old pumpkin wear. So we added denim, plaid, and sequin to the mix for this too-cute for words overall set. The long sleeve white comes adorned with fashion-forward pumpkins painted with plaid patterns. Additionally, we find sunflowers, blue trucks carting more pumpkins, and even little blackboards with pumpkins drawn on them. The cuffs create gorgeous ruffles at the ends. Orange sequin burst from the frayed chest patch of the overalls, while the same designs from the top peek out below patches on the legs. From her new classroom to the Fall festivities, your pumpkin will be ready for anything.

Is there no such thing as too much denim when it comes to your darling diva? We offer plenty of outfits and sets to appease even the pickiest of princesses in our collections. And only with Mia Belle Girls.


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