How To Win a Cute Toddler Dress For FREE: Pretty Petal Blog Giveaway

Back by popular demand, we're giving one lucky winner our Hot Pink Pretty Petal Sleeveless Layered Ruffle Dress for FREE in our latest giveaway! Growing girls deserve gorgeous Spring dresses to help them bloom where they are planted, but look amazing everywhere! To enter is simple:

How To Win a Cute Toddler Dress For FREE: Pretty Petal Giveaway

1. Join our VIP Facebook group (if you aren't a member already) 👍
2. Tell us what you love about this dress in the blog comments below. Please use the first and last name that matches your Facebook profile. 💬
3. Share this blog link to your Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter page and spread the love ↗️
It's that easy 🥰!
One winner will be selected and announced on February 18th.
How To Win a Cute Toddler Dress For FREE: Pretty Petal Blog Giveaway
🌷👗 Mia Belle VIPs like Janice, Brooke, and Krissy all agree, this precious little girl's dress is simply picturesque. Now, there's another color to obsess over. The vivid hot pink is ideal for a number of occasions from weddings to Easter. 🐣
Watch your friends and family gush as those little feet race to make the layered train fly behind her like the pretty princess she is.👑 You'll both enjoy the huggably soft fabric with room to move and play so she can look her best for hours on end. Tell us where you see your little girl showing off this dress in the comments below . 🗣️💬


👍💬↗️Don't forget to comment, share, join the VIP Facebook Group and keep your eyes on our blog page on February 18th for the announcement of our winner. Good luck, and may the best fashionistas win!🤞👩



  • Taran Purselley

    I absolutely love this dress. Both of my girls wore the same dress in white for our family pictures taken at the beach last summer. I would love to have this dress in pink for them to wear this year for Easter. It is beautiful.

  • Faith Paliwoda

    I would feel so blessed to be able to present my granddaughter with this beautiful dress. She insists on wearing fancy dresses to preschool because she said the kids won’t play with her if she’s not dressed beautiful. Sadly, even at the young age of 4 she has encountered mean girls. She was already told she couldn’t play with them because she was ‘fat’. It breaks my heart because she is a beautiful, loving, kind little girl.
    Your dresses are perfect for her because they are a-line and won’t ‘hurt her belly’. Please consider gifting our ElizaMae with your gorgeous dress. Thank you so much.

  • Emily Barreto Bares

    LOVE!💖💖 LOVE! 💖💖 LOVE!💖💖
    This dress will be absolutely beautiful for my granddaughter. She looked like the little model at that age… she is now 8! She still loves to wear dresses and she is super girly! Since moving across country I don’t get to spend as much time with her as before, I know she would love that her Nana was thinking of her!!! Oh please choose her.. her name is Zahara!

  • Regina

    This dress is the perfect amount of sass and princess vibe for my little angel! Mia Belle Girls has so many beautiful/cute options for everyone, which keeps me coming back for more! Love it!❤️

  • Valerie

    This dr.ess looks 4 year daughter would love this dress! We have loved all the outfits from Mia Belle..this dress would be great for spring and summer. Beautiful color and looks like a great dress to twirl and be girly in

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