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We simply wouldn't be Mia Belle Girls without our girls! Our miniature models and itty-bitty influencers make our designs come to life. Like sister models Hayden and Harper!

At just 5 and 3 years old, respectively, these adorable divas are some of the prettiest mini models you ever did see. 

Mia Belle Girls Hayden and Harper

The lovely Hayden is modeling our Hi-Lo Double Ruffle Sleeve Apple Print Dress. All good apples need a dress to match this back-to-school season. The silhouette is form-fitting yet comfortable, perfect for heading back to the classroom. Truly a have-it-all style; length in the sleeves keep her warm, and the double ruffles at the cuffs make for a unique design.

Mia Belle Girls Hayden

A delicate pink coats the base of the dress, making it an excellent color-pairing for the bright red apples covering the outfit. Synching slightly at the waistline and topped with a pink satin bow, the skirt billows creating natural ruffles. Hayden is a growing girl, and this dress elongates her in a fun and creative way.

Mia Belle Girls Hayden

Sweet little Harper is modeling our Striped Apple Print Ruffled Dress. This fantastic outfit says, "I'm ready to learn," in the most adorable way possible. The white base of the dress is lined with blue stripes, making it look like loose-leaf notebook paper. A mix of partially open, polka-dotted, striped, and distressed apples decorate the cloth.

Mia Belle Girls Harper

The green leaves on each apple add the perfect accenting color. This outfit is sure to be one her friends won't have but will adore. Stopping just above the knees and synching slightly at the waistline, the silhouette is flowy, and the loose ruffles on the short sleeves are simply darling.

Mia Belle Girls Harper

Both of these dresses are excellent ensembles for a household with multiple gorgeous gals. It allows them to match while giving each a signature look all their own. And you have to admit, Hayden and Harper both wear them well.

Mia Belle Girls Hayden and Harper

To see more of these lovely Mia Belle models, find them on their Hayden.and.harper Instagram page. And stay tuned for our next Mia Belle Girls Fun-Size Fashionista Feature.

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