Ensemble of the Week: Polka Dot Long Sleeve Side Pocket Dress with Matching Cross Body Purse

Have we got an excellent Ensemble of the Week sure to send your tiny terror screaming with joy this Halloween season. This week's outfit is technically a twofer: our Polka Dot Long Sleeve Side Pocket Dress with Matching Cross Body Purse is available in two different colors to maximize her styling options.

Mia Belle Girls Orange Polka Dot Long Sleeve Side Pocket Dress with Matching Cross Body Purse

Orange Dress with Black Cat Purse or Black Dress with Ghost Girl Purse

Large polka dots seem to cover every inch of the long sleeve design. The trim is slightly pleated, creating a natural wave in the silhouette which stops just above the knee. And what adorable girl's dress is complete without functioning side pockets? And whatever the pockets can't hold, the super sweet purse will.

Mia Belle Girls Black Polka Dot Long Sleeve Side Pocket Dress with Matching Cross Body Purse


This outfit not only works as a fun Halloween-themed look, but goes beyond the holiday season and can be worn to school, parties, and just for fun. Although the dresses themselves are identical, styling and accessories can vary wildly between the two thanks to the unique purses that accompany them.


Animal Knee Socks or White Tights

Mia Belle Girls Animal Knee Socks                       Mia Belle Girls White Tights

To match the black cat purse, these super cute animal knee socks are ideal. The adorable cat eyes, pink nose, and white whiskers go well with those on the purse. Or go for the ghost girl look with white tights to contrast the black in the dress and the ghost's little head bow.

Black Bow Flats or Lace Up Boots by Liv and Mia

Mia Belle Girls Black Bow Flats Shoes By Liv and Mia

Simple black bow flats add a nice touch and a seamless silhouette to the overall ensemble. The hook and loop closure and embossed cross pattern create a dressy look with the bow ending in metal aglets over the toe.



Mia Belle Girls Lace Up Boots By Liv and Mia


Want less chic and more punk?  Black lace up boots are exactly what she needs to finish off her ghostly gorgeous outfit. Not only does it create a fun contrast from the tights and match the dress, but the boot/dress combo screams Halloween vibes in the very best way.



Fall Cable Knit Animal Ear Embellished Beanie or Rhinestone Knitted Headband

Mia Belle Girls Fall Cable Knit Animal Ear Embellished Beanie             Mia Belle Girls Rhinestone Knitted Headband

For the finishing touches to a purrfect outfit, try our cable knit beanie complete with animal ears embellished with little rhinestones. Similarly, our rhinestone knitted headband completes the look of our black dress and goes with great with the polka dot design.

Now that you've seen the ways your sweet girl can flaunt this flawless polka dot dress, which do you think she'll prefer? Or maybe you should go ahead and get her both because you know she'll look incredible either way. We' love to read your comments below. And don't forget to check out more of our gorgeous little girls Halloween themed outfits right here. We'll see you for the next Ensemble of the Week.

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