Ensemble of the Week: The Santa Dress That Sold Out in 2 Hours!

Mia Belle Girls Ho Ho Ho Santa Polka Dot Dress, Purse, and Hair Bow Set

  What made this adorable dress sell out so quickly…and ho-ho-how can you get your little one before it's gone again?

  Maybe it's the love of Christmastime polka dots; maybe it's Mr. Claus as the cutest handbag ever… But this dress is taking Mia Belle by snow storm this holiday season!

  The silky softness is comfy for every little girl to wear, whether it's playtime, opening gifts time, or snapping pics with the besties' time.

  Merry Santa, smiling under his swirly, white beard, is the highlight of this outfit. He's even on the cross-strap purse and the sweet hair bow. Did she want sparkles? She has them right on Santa's hat!

  Let's not forget about the delicious Christmas cookies she can hide in the two pockets that this long sleeve dress has. Jolly old St. Nick is sure to give your sweetie lots of gifts for looking this cute!

Can you believe we fit this much adorable into one girl's casual Christmas dress? Let's talk how you can snag this three-piece set for just $36.99 today!

Psst… The gift isn't just for your baby girl. Get a SPECIAL discount when you use code BLOG10. Discount ends 10/05/2021, so don't miss out on your extra savings! 

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