Ensemble of the Week: Halloween Themed Long Sleeve Striped Ghost Print Tutu Dress

As we move into spookiest time of the year, we shift our focus to girl Halloween outfits. But not just any look will do for the Mia Belle Girl, especially not for the Ensemble of the Week! This go round we take a look at the Halloween Themed Long Sleeve Striped Ghost Print Tutu Dress with a very special way to complete this week's girls fashion highlight.

Mia Belle Girls Halloween Themed Long Sleeve Striped Ghost Print Tutu Dress

 To Start

There's something so iconically Halloween about black and white stripes, and this little girl's dress shows them off perfectly on the long sleeve bodice. Right in the center, we find a boo-tiful ghost with rosy cheeks, pretty lashes, and a bright orange bow atop her head. An orange satin ribbon sits to the left on top of the black tulle tutu skirt to match our ghost girl applique. All in all, this dress sums up the ideal trick-or-treating Autumn vibes she could want in one outfit. Versatile enough for school and outdoor play yet sophisticated enough to look spooktacular in photos.

To Add

The orange wool beret combined with both the bows and the stripes brings out a Parisian boho-chic aesthetic that elevates the overall look of the dress. It's the ideal hat pairing that's not only functional but fashionable. 

Mia Belle Girls Wool Basic Beret

While acceptable on its own, adding some nice high knee striped socks will create a full-coverage silhouette to keep her snug as the weather begins to change. Because there's no way she's only going to want to wear this outfit once.

Mia Belle Girls High Knee Striped Socks

Lace-up boots are always a fun accessory for little girls' fashion. The black boots seem right at home with the stripes and add a bit of punk to this posh look. Plus, the tutu-boot contrast is a staple of the boss girl, giving her full range of movement and play while still looking comfy and oh-so-cute. Truly fa-boo-lous!

Mia Belle Lace Up Boots By Liv and Mia

To Complete

In very limited quantities, we have a matching doll dress set so your mini me's mini-her can join in on her ghostly fashion fun! What little girl wouldn't want to be seen out and about scaring it down with her identically dressed doll twinning their way to trick-or-treat?

Mia Belle Girls Halloween Themed Long Sleeve Striped Ghost Print Tutu Dress & Matching Doll Dress Set

When your little Hallow-queen is wearing this dress and while holding her own matching doll, you're sure to win Mummy of the year! It's a simple ensemble made chic with just the right Mia Belle touches . And even on it's own, the design is to die for this Fall season. Fun, and easy to pair with her favorite accessories if not ours, she simply can't go wrong.

Mia Belle Girls Halloween Themed Long Sleeve Striped Ghost Print Tutu Dress & Matching Doll Dress Set
There's more ghoulishly gorgeous little girls Halloween themed outfits coming down the line in the coming weeks as Trick-or-Treat season gets underway. Have you already added this little number to your girl's closet? Does she also have the matching doll dress? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Until then, be on the lookout for the next haunting Ensemble of the Week.

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