Ensemble of the Week: Hi-Lo Ruffled Tunic, Floral Leggings and Scarf Set

Another Mia Belle best seller gains the title of Ensemble of the Week! This time around, we showcase the sophisticated Hi-Lo Ruffled Tunic, Floral Leggings and Scarf Set

Mia Belle Girls Hi-Lo Ruffled Tunic, Floral Leggings and Scarf Set


To Start

Soft pink takes over the lovely tunic-style top. Pleating slightly at the base of the bodice, the remainder of the top billows out in adorable ruffles, as does the bottom of the long sleeves. Next, we have the soft blue leggings that come covered in mostly light pink and red blooms. The addition of the leafy green stems and ferns make for a completed image of fresh and fun bouquets. Finally, the matching scarf hangs loosely around the neck for comfort and an effortless silhouette. You won't find many three-piece sets like this at your average store.

Mia Belle Girls Hi-Lo Ruffled Tunic, Floral Leggings and Scarf Set


To Add

A boot-cut is ideal when it comes to leggings sets, and we can't think of a pair more perfect than our Pink Lacey Bow Tie Princess Mid-Calf Boots by Liv and MiaMedial side zippers allow for easy-on and easy-off capabilities for your busy little girl on the go. And the shade of pink is almost identical to that of the tunic. Not only that but the lateral bow tie and lace appear ruffled as well. It's a match made in heaven and perfect for your angel.

Mia Belle Girls Lacey Bow Tie Princess Mid-Calf Boots By Liv and Mia

Looking for a laceable option instead? Look no further than our Girls Preppy Dr. Martens Inspired Boosts By Liv and Mia. The mid-length cut stops just above the ankle, ultimately protecting the foot in a light pink broughed silhouette. An excellent pair for all-day wear.

Mia Belle Girls Preppy Dr. Martens Inspired Boots By Liv and Mia

To Complete

Now it's time to crown that pretty princess with ideal headwear. Our Girls and Women's Velvet Braided Headband will fit the bill depending on her style and what the weather will allow. Not does it feel good while sitting pretty; it pairs with nearly any outfit otherwise. 

Mia Belle Girls and Women's Velvet Braided Headband

A little too chilly for headbands? Not to worry, we have our Girls Wool Basic BeretSo snug and warm and easily matched with this enchanting ensemble, she'll give off a lovely Parisian chic vibe no little girl can resist. 

Mia Belle Girls Wool Basic Beret (18 color options)

While this impeccable outfit is still in stock, it won't stay that way forever! So be sure to grab your sweet girl the Hi-Lo Ruffled Tunic, Floral Leggings and Scarf Set today! There's no way she won't love it.

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