Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Homemade Playdough Bakery

👗➕💪Mia Belle Girls is not just about fashion, but also fun, education, and empowerment. Along with impeccable outfit choices, we know there's so much more to your little girl. You've got the clothes, but how about some crafty creativity?🤔🤷‍♀️
👧💡🛠️Welcome to the Creative Cuties Craft Corner, finding you awesome activities that you and your mini-me can do together while creating lasting memories. This go-round, we took a look at a homemade playdough recipe and ways it can be used for imaginative play.👧💡🛠️
Mia Belle Blog Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Homemade Playdough Bakery
👧No matter if you've seen it in the classroom or have a few tubes already in your home, store-bought playdough is a staple for children's playtime. And although loved for their bright colors and sensory satisfaction, there are some concerns universally shared by parents.👩
We at Mia Belle Girls can essentially sum up these concerns into four categories: color separation🎨, consumption🤢, cost💲, and conservation. Why spend extra money for playdough that melds into muddied hues of brown, crumbles to dust after frequent use, or, as most parents fear, it accidentally gets eaten? This recipe solves these concerns all at once!
Mia Belle Blog Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Homemade Playdough Bakery
📋What You'll Need...📋
You'd think something like playdough would be complex to create, but quite the contrary. Not only is it relatively simple, but it takes almost no time at all from start to finish
To create a single playdough ball, you'll be using the following items, all found at your local grocery store and probably already in your cabinets:
  • 1 cup of all-purpose flour.
  • 1/4 cup of salt.🧂
  • 1 tbsp cream of tartar (we've read this is optional).
  • 1/2 cup warm water.💧
  • 5 drops of natural food coloring.
And that's all! See? We told you it was simple.
A Little Something Extra...
➕While technically optional, the cream of tartar creates a richer texture and acts as a stabilizer, helping the playdough stay softer for longer.🥥 Another kid-friendly addition is 2 tsp of coconut oil for both a silky finish and a pleasant scent. For some extra sparkle, try adding in a pinch of glitter. A little will go a long way.👍
Tools For Crafting...
🪣We recommend using 2 small to medium-sized non-stick bowls or containers; one to mix dry ingredients and the other for wet ingredients.🥄 A simple spoon will help with the mixing process. For kneading and future playtime, use blue painter's tape and some big squares of parchment paper for no-mess, low-stress cleanup.
Mia Belle Blog Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Homemade Playdough Bakery
How To Make...
One of the more exciting aspects of this craft is your little learner won't just have to sit and watch but can make it herself-- with mommy's guidance, of course.👩
To start, we'll prep our dry ingredients 🧂(AP flour, salt, cream of tartar, glitter) in a bowl until they are well blended. Likewise, mix the wet ingredients (water, food coloring, coconut oil) in another bowl.🥣
⏰Time to make some dough! While stirring, pour your wet ingredients into our dry mix and stir until blended. 🤲Then, begin kneading with your hands until everything is well incorporated, and the flour is absorbed entirely. If you find your mixture is a bit too tacky, add in a little more flour. And there you have it! Repeat this process with different food coloring so your princess can create her ideal set.🔁
Mia Belle Blog Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Homemade Playdough Bakery

Fun Ways To Play...

👩‍🍳Let's turn your crafty cutie into a baker for a day! Break out a big bowl for mixing, a muffin tin, a rolling pin, a butter knife or kid-friendly scissors, and some cookie cutters to help her make her own pretend-play treats. 🧁Have a few birthday candles in a drawer somewhere? They make excellent toppings, as do popsicle sticks.🕯️ There will be hours of fun at hand for this easily repeated game that could be a regular part of her daily or weekly play routine.👩‍👧

Aaaaaannd She's Bored. 🤦‍♀️Time To Store...📦

Just like that, her busy mind is already on to the next activity-- for now. So, let's talk about storage.🗣️ Luckily, when properly stored, this homemade playdough keeps for months. Old playdough tubes are an easy go-to, but any airtight container or zip-top bag will do the trick. 🔲We leave it up to you and your smart small fry to decide between plastic or glassware and the best way to label her newest cute craft.🖌️
Mia Belle Blog Creative Cuties Craft Corner: Homemade Playdough Bakery

👩‍👧‍👧💡🛠️The rest is up to you! Have you tried this process with your little one before? Think you'll give it a shot now? If so, leave a comment below on your experience and what you both learned. We'd absolutely love to hear from our creative cuties out there.👩‍👧‍👧💡🛠️

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