Costume Closet: Star Wars Costumes

The fashion is strong with these Star Wars-inspired Halloween costumes for girls. Iconic characters from "a long, long time ago" are brought to life for a whole new generation in the form of adorable tutu dress designs. The only thing left is for your galactic girl to choose her path in this epic journey; with a bit of help from Mia Belle Girls.

Path of the Rebel

Mia Belle Girls Wookiee Chewbacca Star Wars-Inspired Tutu Halloween Dress

Even a smuggler can become a leader. This supercute wookiee aims to help the Rebel Alliance defeat the Galactic Empire, restoring freedom to the galaxy. Now this Chewbacca tutu dress can be your sweet girl's new favorite Halloween costume! This furry brown bodice, halter top-style dress features a two-toned brown tulle tutu skirt. Paired with a bandolier utility bag and furry gloves, the ensemble needs only a few touches to complete. Adding some face paint will sell this costume even more. And, of course, that iconic wookiee growl wouldn't hurt either. Rebels fight for truth, justice, and rides the lines between the dark and the light. So, will your little girl choose the path of the Rebel? One of trendsetting, freedom and compassion? This may be the look for her.

Path of the Sith

Mia Belle Girls Darth Vader Star Wars-Inspired Tutu Halloween Dress

Come over to the Dark Side; we've got incredible sense of style. Unsure if your sweet girl can pull off a Vader costume? She'll find your lack of faith disturbing! Watch her rule the empire with an iron fist in her fabulous black dress with cape and chest control button applique. Dress with sparkling fishnet tights, and casual High Top sneakers for wear-anywhere flair. Don't forget to get her Darth Vader mask and lightsaber send chills down the spines of the rebellion. There will be no stopping your little Sith Lady this Halloween. Sith are fierce and unyielding in achieving their goals, no matter the cost. Will this path be the one your diva walks? One of passion, strength, and power? Perhaps it suits her, after all.

Path of the Jedi

Mia Belle Girls Princess Leia Star Wars-Inspired Tutu Halloween Dress

Hope for the freedom of the galaxy rests with you, princess. A Princess, a Jedi, and a General all rolled into one; your precious girl will look out of this world in her Leia-inspired tutu dress. The pretty white tulle halter top design and belt applique work perfectly to mimic the robes originally worn in her first appearance. The attached cape shows off her grace and style. Combined with Leia's signature buns, she'll surely lead the rebellion to victory. But she mustn't forget to protect herself with her lightsaber and boots! The fate of the galaxy is counting on her connection to the Force and her strong will. Jedi are in touch with the world around them and seek balance in all things. Is this the path for your fashionista? That of order, peace, and destiny?


All three looks are total head-turners, from Halloween parties to trick-or-treating to cosplay conventions. And all are somehow cuter than the last. Know one knows your sweet star like you; which path do you think she'd walk? But more important, which of these epic costumes will she be wearing this Halloween?


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