Celebrate National Sisters' Day With Mia Belle Girls

While August 1st celebrates many family-centric unofficial holidays, Mia Belle Girls would like to focus on the importance of sisterhood. Whether your little girl is a sibling, or perhaps you are yourself, National Sisters' Day is an opportune time to teach your little learner how incredible a sisterly bond can be.

Mia Belle Girls Celebrate National Sisters' Day

Someone Once Said...

Although their origins are unknown, many have given out sweet words and sage sayings regarding their sister. Use these quotes as inspiration for the day! Make cards or artwork based on their messages, or simply recite them to one another to reinforce that sisterly love.

"Side by side or miles apart, we are sisters connected by the heart."

"Sisters are different flowers from the same garden."

"A perfect sister I am not, but thankful for the one I've got."

"Our roots may say that we're sisters, but our own hearts know that we're friends."

Mia Belle Girls Celebrate National Sisters' Day

"There is no better friend than a sister. And there is no better sister than you."

"I grin because you are my sister. I laugh because I know there's nothing you can do about it!"

"A sister is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be."

"A sister is a special type of angel on earth who brings out your best qualities."

Mia Belle Girls Celebrate National Sisters' Day

Dress For The Occasion

Looking for ways to dress your sweet sisters up in their holiday best? Mia Belle Girls can take it from here. We have outfits, sets, and accessories that will make them proud to be related.

Big Sister & Little Sister Matching Shirt and Polka Dot Leggings Set

Mia Belle Girls Big Sister & Little Sister Matching Shirt and Polka Dot Leggings Set

These matching sets are all about sisterly love. Each has its perks as a big or little sister, but wearing the pink shirt and white leggings with golden heart polka dots, the cuteness overload will evenly divide between the two.

Girls Sister Matchy-Matchy Leopard Dress

Mia Belle Girls Sister Matchy-Matchy Leopard Dress

Thinking of taking those sweet siblings out for a night on the town or wanting to dress them up for memorable photos? Look no further than the fancy leopard print dress. The bodice features black laces and pretty frills, while the leopard skirt makes for a fierce addition. They will each look divine.

Little Sister, Big Sister, & Middle Sister Siblings Necklace Set

Mia Belle Girls Little Sister, Big Sister, & Middle Sister Siblings Necklace Set

There's more than one way to show you're proud to be called a sister. Why not try this commemorative necklace set proudly declaring the sibling order amongst sisters. A sweet gift to give among friends and family, choose from a silver or gold finish for those wonderful girls.

Girls Add Extra Love Set

Mia Belle Girls Add Extra Love Set

Now THIS outfit screams love for your sister. Pink rose applique forms a heart framed in lace on the white tank top. Baby sister gets super comfy shorts while big sister gets the overall skit. However, both come covered with bright multicolored roses to match the bow headband and big creme buttons for accents. The difference in bottoms allows each girl to show off her own style, all while looking like her sister. 

Read Books On The Subject

While there's hardly a shortage of sibling and sister books, these, in particular, tickled us pink and would be a great addition to your little one's library, especially for days like today.

The Sister Book, written and illustrated by Todd Parr

The Sister Book By Todd Parr

What Sisters Do Best, written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

What Sisters Do Best Written By Laura Numberoff Illustrated By Lynn Munsinger

Promoted To Big Sister Coloring Book, by Creative New Baby Books

Promoted To Big Sister Coloring Book, by Creative New Baby Books

Maple & Willow Together, written and illustrated by Lori Nichols

Maple & Willow Together, Written And Illustrated By Lori Nichols

Spend Sisterly Play Time Together With Frozen

Mia Belle Girls Frozen Elsa Costume 2021

If any franchise has taught us about the bonds between sisters, it has to be to Disney's Frozen. Oh, we know the songs and have seen the animation. Still, the more profound message has always been about the two princesses turned queens protecting, supporting, and believing in one another ultimately to save the day.

Mia Belle Girls Frozen Costumes Anna & Olaf

Neither is alone in their adventure, and one will often draw on the strengths of the other. No wonder it's one of the most popular stories of our day! And what girl would turn down a chance to be Queen Elsa or Queen Anna. Watch the movies, read the books, or simply make up for your pretend adventure! Mia Belle Girls can help here, too! We offer multiple costumes for each supportive super-sister (and Olaf!) along with accessories like wigs, tiaras, jewelry, and shoes to make the experience come to life.



Mia Belle Girls Celebrate National Sisters' Day

And the rest is ultimately up to you! No matter how you choose to commemorate this wonderful holiday, the most important thing is that you spend it together. From Mia Belle Girls to your family, Happy National Sisters' Day!

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