Celebrate Halloween with Mia Belle Girls Part 2

Celebrate Halloween with Mia Belle Girls Part 2


We're back again with more of your incredible little girls dressed up in their Mia Belle Girls Halloween costumes! We've seen so many great looks already, but we were just getting started!
Our Hocus Pocus-inspired trio of tutu dresses was mighty popular this year--and with good reason; they're incredibly CUTE! Here's a look at two sets of sweet sisters showing off oh spooky stylish they are.

Sassy Sarah, mindful Mary, and head witch Winifred are all casting spells on us. Props and wigs are great, but what really makes them fantastic costumes is the fact that they get to wear them together! Which is your favorite witch?



Celebrate Halloween with Mia Belle Girls Part 2

But, just like last year, one costume takes the cake, and possibly the candy, this Halloween. Our creepy-cool IT-inspired Pennywise the Clown! Here are seven sinister versions on some extra special little girls.

Who knew you could look so cute while being downright haunting! The makeup and pigtails are darling, and we love the versatility the removable sleeves have to offer. If there's a contest going on, these mini marvels would definitely place.

Excellent job to all the parents who helped create such hauntingly perfect looks for their kids this Halloween, and thank you for sharing them with us. We hope they had as much fun wearing them as these epic images make it seem. From everyone here at Mia Belle, Happy Halloween!

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