Celebrate Halloween with Mia Belle Girls Part 1

Celebrate Halloween with Mia Belle Girls


We are so excited to share these amazing snapshots of little girls loving their Halloween costumes. From spooky to spooky fun, your Mia Belle Girls look incredible dressed up for trick-or-treating!

Look at these cutie pies dressed up in their Halloween best and ready to claim ALL the candy! We love the unique glam every girl brings to her ensemble, especially those smiles--except for Wednesday Addams, but that's just how we like her!

Our little Audrey Hepburn is breakfast at Tiffany's ready, and we have a firefighter here to melt our hearts as she saves the day! Perhaps the gorgeous flamenco dancer will twirl the night away with Princess Jasmine. And Harley Quinn has her sights set on playing with the pretty rainbow unicorn.


Celebrate Halloween with Mia Belle Girls
These identical looks are totally twinning! Maleficent rules with her horns and magic staff, ready to be as wonderful or wicked as she sees fit. The lovely purple fringe along the shoulders makes this costume a show-stopping standout! Belle remains a beauty with or without her rose with her regal tulle gown.

Covered in bows and delicate off-shoulder accents, she's sure to take your breath away! And these unicorns sparkle and shine in their crowns and colorful dresses—picture-perfect looks to serve on Halloween night and dazzle onlookers. But each lovely lady puts her own spin on the outfit that makes it unforgettable.
Stay tuned! We have even more cute costumes courtesy of our incredible Mia Belle Girls out there, and be sure to keep sharing to our Facebook and Instagram pages so everyone can see these adorable outfits this Halloween.

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