6 Death By Adorable Halloween Costumes For Kids

When it comes to the haunting season that October brings, these must-have kids' costumes are simply too cute to spook. But that doesn't mean they won't do their own deadly damage by stopping, then melting, your heart! Here are six death-by-adorable Halloween costumes for your sweet trick-or-treater.


Mia Belle Girls Ruffled Alice in Wonderland Inspired Costume

Alice in Wonderland

Alice is off on her next adventure! To collect all the candy in Wonderland and beyond. Let her live out her fantasies in this adorable Alice-inspired costume. Another timeless favorite, this gorgeous light blue mid-Victorian style dress will have her head over heels in love.

On top of coming with the sweetest little black bow headband and white apron, it has puffy cap sleeves and removable sleevelets trimmed with ruffles and lace. Little else is needed to complete this costume; some fun stockings and pretty black flats and perhaps a stuffed bunny to top things off, and nothing big nor small can stand in her way. Can't you see your small wonder dolled up in this dress?



Mia Belle Girls Mary Poppins Inspired Striped Halloween Costume with Lace Gloves

Mary Poppins

Need a reason to dress your diva in this Mary Poppins-inspired costume? Why it's practically perfect in every way! We took the fantastic gown worn during Mary's fantasy sequence and redesigned it to compliment your sweetheart like a spoon full of sugar. This costume makes us want to say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! This iconic look features our version of the white and red striped dress with puffy cap sleeves, sheer skirt, and adjustable straps which tie in the back. This dress also comes with white lace gloves. Complete the look with the fabulous fascinator hat, lace umbrella, and magical glitter boots. This genuinely charming costume will delight all who meet your tiny Governess.



Mia Belle Girls The Joker Inspired Tutu Dress Costume


Why so serious? It's only the cutest Joker costume you've ever seen! The Clown Prince of Crime is here to take your candy, foil your plans, and steal your heart. Now, your tiny terror can dress up as one of comics' most infamous villains. The stretchy, comfortably lined bodice comes designed to mimic the stylish green and purple suit worn by arch-nemesis to the Batman. This silhouette includes a green neck choker that resembles a tie and buttons running down the front of the dress.

The tulle tutu skirt splits its sides with purple and green. Not only does this show off a delicate bodice and tulle, but it also allows your little girl to go wild and have fun this Halloween. With a bit of pale makeup, a bright green wig or hair dye, satin gloves, and some red lipstick and you've got yourself one cute but chaotic clown girl. Her antics are sure to put a smile on your face, one way or another!


Mia Belle Girls Skater Minion Despicable Me Inspired Tutu Halloween Dress

Minion Skater Girl

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere! Who wouldn't fall for this bright and fun costume? Inspired by the Minions movie, this tutu dress shows off shoulders to mimic the look and feel of rainbow suspenders. She'll love skating to her own beat in the white halter bodice line in red to match the tulle of the tutu skirt. Complete the outfit with plenty of red and rainbow accessories like a choker necklace or bow clips. And when she's not rolling around on four wheels, dress her in breathable rainbow canvas shoes to keep the party going! You've seen the Minions for Halloween, but none quite as cute as your munchkin.




Mia Belle Girls White Polka Dot 101 Dalmatians Inspired Halloween Tutu Dress with Headband Costume

101 Dalmatians

Everyone loves the thought of a cute puppy, but a Dalmatian? Why it's truly an inspiration! Your pup will look precious in this halter-top-styled white tutu dress. Inspired by a classic children's cartoon, this costume looks stunning in a group. 101 seems a bit much, but indeed 3 or 4 little girls would be delightful. The satin straps mimic the look of a dog collar and even end in a gold pendant. Meanwhile, both the bodice and the tulle tutu come dotted with black spot applique.

Choose from spotted, striped, or mixed, or even plain white tights and a casual pair of flats or sneakers so she can prance about all night long. The floppy-eared headband also features black spots tops off the costume. We adore this costume because of how great the theme comes across in this lovely tutu dress design, so she can still feel like a princess while looking as darling as a dog's ears. When the look comes together, your trick-or-treater is sure to be a sensation.


Mia Belle Girls Pop Icon Rainbow Tutu Dress Costume

Pop Icon

"It's Time to Celebrate!" Get ready to see her dance, sing, spin, and rock out in this radiant halter top dress inspired by dancer, singer, and personality star Jojo Siwa. Multicolored tulle skirt comes carefully crafted to match the rainbow streaming across the front of the pink top. The bright neon pink pantyhose are perfect for twirling the day away!

And don't forget to include a pair of "High Top Shoes" to pull the look together. She'll sparkle in all her fashion-forward rainbow accessories. When she's wearing this outfit, she'll feel like a "Kid in a Candy Store." Your munchkin's favorite YouTube character comes to life in our Pop Icon Rainbow costume.


Were you able to survive that onslaught of adorable attack of fashionable Halloween outfits? Think you could handle any more? We've got a scary good collection of costumes that will send your tiny terror screaming with delight. Which costume do you think your cutie will look best in? We'd love to read your comments below.

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