Welcome to Mia Belle Girls

We are the brand taking over your social media feed with cuteness overload! We pride ourselves on being your favorite trusted source of girls clothing, accessories, and matching mother daughter looks. Founded in Miami, Florida in 2007, our vision was to become more than just a clothing brand, we wanted to help mothers create and capture special memories with their daughters. Our job is to make things simple by providing fully styled outfits that fit every occasion on your social calendar. Little girls are the center of our universe and our mission is to help them embrace their unique style and feel great about themselves and how they look. After all, if you give a girl the right outfit she can conquer the world!

Mia Belle has become a household name and fan favorite on social media. Moms all over the world count on us as their style guide and one stop shop for every occasion and all the moments in between. Today, we have over 900k followers and are positioned as the darling of kids' fashion with the help of innovative proprietary technology. Being in tune with our customers and creating iconic styles that are on everyones wish list is our specialty! Mia Belle is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Southeast region and has landed on the INC. 5000 list among other honors. 

Our passion is to help you make memories!

Let's be honest, they grow up way too fast! She’s your schoolgirl, your birthday princess, your little bunny, your all-American girl, your pumpkin patch cutie, and Santa’s little helper. Mia Belle provides the perfect outfit for each of those sweet occasions! We’re forever grateful to be here for the kisses, the twirls, the giggles, and everything in between. After all, that's what started this whole journey: her smile.

Lina Viner, Founder & CEO

Mother to Mia, Liv & fur baby Frankie, lover of fashion, ruffles, everything pink, peonies, travel and the ocean

I feel tremendous gratitude that I have been able to achieve my dreams, and do it all with my family always by my side. Mia Belle has grown beyond my wildest expectations and allowed me to grow along with it as an entrepreneur, designer, mother and wife. For me, family is at the core of everything. My children, my husband, my friends and my colleagues motivate and inspire me every day. 
As Mia Belle continues to grow and expand, my mission remains the same: to help you capture memories one cute outfit at a time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your loyalty and continued support. It’s an honor to dress your little fashionista!

Empowered Women Empower Girls
At Mia Belle we celebrate little girls and encourage them to combine sweetness with strength, to express their opinion without feeling they must first apologize for it, to ask for what they really want, to own their worth and respect their value. As leaders in our community, we are doing all we can to empower young girls and it starts with our own Mia Belle Models. We choose to work with little girls of every size and color who don’t necessarily model professionally. Through our model program, we teach our Mia Belle Girls creativity, self expression, confidence and social skills. Watching them blossom and create lasting friendships in our community is priceless and seeing their confidence and pizzaz grow right in front of our eyes is the cherry on top.
Our Design Story
Inspired by classic silhouettes, feminine ruffles, whimsical details and trendy vibes, Mia Belle Girls sees the world with rose colored glasses. Each color story becomes an enchanting fairytale with twirls and happily ever after. Every girl can find herself in Mia Belle, writing her own unique story with self confidence, style and a smile on her face!