Mia Belle Girls St. Patrick’s Day Sale?! Someone Needs To ~Freeze~ My Bank Account


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With your favorite Irish holiday right around the corner, Mia Belle Girls has got the cutest outfits for your little girl to make sure she avoids pinches this St. Patrick’s Day. For this year, not only do they have the perfect green ‘fits, but everything’s $19.99 or less—Yes, you read that right. $19.99 OR LESS! We checked out the Mia Belle Girls site and found our 10 favorite outfits for this St. Patrick’s Day, check them out!

10. Girls St. Patrick's Day Themed Long Sleeve Tutu Tunic with Sequin Clover Applique & Bow Leggings Set ~ $19.99


This set is perfect for your princess if she’s avoiding the pinches, but still loves pink as much as the next little one. A long sleeve stripped tutu top, embellished with a bright green 3-leaf clover and super comfy leggings with pink ankle bows will have your little one getting all the luck this year!

9. Girls Clover Rainbow Ruffled Sleeve Top and Clover Leggings Set~ $19.99


Does your little one love rainbows AND four-leaf clovers? Well this outfit is the best of both worlds! This long sleeve top with ruffled sleeves features a rainbow dazzled with gold coins paired with leggings with bright green four leaf clovers galore! She'll be sure to grab attention in this 'fit!


8.Girls Leopard Clover Ruffled Tunic and Leopard Skirt Set~ $19.99

If your little fashionista wants to stay in style, this set is perfect for her. Mia Belle Girl's green long sleeve top with ruffled sleeves features a huge leopard print clover. Adorable, right ??? Paired with a knee length leopard print skirt, your daughter will definitely be in style in this St. Patty's Day set. 


7.Girls Clover Unicorn Tutu Tunic and Polka Dot Leggings Set ~ $19.99

Picture this: It's the morning of St. Patrick's Day and you go to dress your daughter in all green and she says she wants to wear none else than her favorite--Unicorns ! Dilemma solved with this St. Patty's Day Unicorn Set! This outfit features a unicorn with a clover right underneath her pink horn and a bright GREEN tutu! On the bottom, a cute pink polka dotted pair of leggings to finish off her "Unicorn" St. Patrick's Day outfit.


6. Girls Black & Green St. Patrick's Day Themed "Pinch Proof" Clover Long Sleeve Fringe Dress ~$19.99


We all know that the main goal on St. Patty's Day is to avoid pinches AT ALL COSTS! This "Pinch Proof" dress ensures your little one is safe from pinches for the day. A comfy long sleeve dress with a fringed hem, your daughter is granted "pinch immunity."


5. Girls Ruffled "Happy St. Patrick's Day" Clover Top and Houndstooth Overall Dress Set ~ $19.99

So this one's for the moms out there that want the PERFECT St. Patrick's Day Celtic aesthetic. This outfit features a long sleeve top with ruffled shoulders and a beaming three leaf clover stating "Happy St. Patrick's Day." Paired with a green houndstooth overall dress, this set gives the perfect Irish aesthetic.  


4. Girls St. Patrick's Day Themed Bow Hair Clips ~ $14.99

Moms, we added this to this list specifically for you. If you're honestly not in the spirit this year for St. Patrick's Day but need a dash of green in your outfit to repel your coworkers that have a serious pinching problem, this is the accessory for you. These simple green bows give you just enough green to avoid anyone that takes this holiday just a little bit too seriously. 

3. Girls St. Patrick's Day Geometric Clover Print Ruffled Long Sleeve Tunic & Flared Leggings Set ~ $19.99

Patterns, patterns, patterns! This St. Patrick's Day set is sure to make your little fashionista stand out. This look features plenty of patterns. The solid green top is contrasted with a patterned, ruffled strip at the neck and a ruffled hem with a matching pair of leggings with zig-zags, triangles, and polka dots. Cute! Isn't it ??

2. Girls Clover Swirl Tutu Tunic and Leggings Set ~ $19.99

We found the pot of gold! This outfit features a bright gold tutu on a long sleeve tunic with bright clovers and gold swirls. Paired with green leggings, I'm sure we'll be able to find your daughter at the end of the rainbow!


1. Girls Clover Tunic, Leggings and Scarf Set ~ $19.99

This outfit just screams "Lucky!" An all green tunic and legging set, this look features a subtle white clover on the hem of the top and all over the pair of leggings. Also, topped with a clover filled scarf, your daughter will be as lucky as a leprechaun in this 'fit!