Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar September 2021

Looking for fun ways to celebrate with your adorable angel this September? Staying engaged with your child as she grows is essential. But sometimes, there doesn't seem to be anything to do. Fear not, Mia Belle Girls has got you covered with tons of creative activities for you to remember for years to come. Here's a fun list of days to share with girls this month.

September 4: September Play Outside Day

Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar September 2021

This week is a perfect opportunity to practice good health and stay active with your little girl. We recommend intermediate activities throughout the day at their level for our younger girls (infants to age 5). That's right, parents; getting down on the floor will help you view their world and how best to practice aerobics as well as bone and muscle-strengthening activities. Don't forget to drink plenty of water and take breaks for snacks!

September 6: Barbie Doll Day

Mia Belle Girls Pink Long Sleeve Kitty "Meow" Top & Striped Leggings Set with Matching Doll Set

Although generally celebrated on March 9th, September 6th marks the first day Barbie dolls went on sale. Take some time to play pretend with your own sweet little doll. If you still have the Barbies from your childhood, this is a great opportunity to share them with your girl and talk about the games you played when you were her age.

September 13: Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar September 2021

Look out, parents! Kids get to take over the kitchen on September 13th. This is an excellent way to teach personal responsibility and allow them to be creative with food. Make a list of items little hands can prepare like a salad, sandwiches, or maybe a frozen treat to serve the family like a miniature chef.

September 16: National Step Family Day

Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar September 2021

Families come in all shapes and sizes and some family we get to choose. Did you know more than 113 million Americans have a steprelationship? Parents, grandparents, and siblings alike make up some of those numbers. Celebrate the your own stepfamily today by reaffirming those bonds. 

September 18: Rice Krispie Treat Day

Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar September 2021

Truly a treat, prepare these tasty snacks in your own kitchen with some personal flare that requires no baking! Try making them different shapes, colors, or sprinkle with different toppings. A great unofficial holiday for foodies and sweet tots alike. 

September 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day

Mia Belle Girls Black & Red Pirate Halloween Tutu Dress with Hat

AVAST YE MATIES! It's Talk Like a Pirate Day! Shiver those timbers and stretch those sea legs for the spell and teach your little lads and lassies some new jargon. Break out your favorite pirate-themed movies and shows or read a book on the life of privateers. Or else, prepare to walk the plank!

September 22: Elephant Appreciation Day

Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar September 2021

Also celebrated in April, take the day to explore the world of theses gentle giants. This "keystone species" is needed to keep their ecosystems happy and healthy. Learn what makes them so important to other animals or ways to help them thrive in both the wild and in captivity.

September 24: Native American Day

Mia Belle Girls Pocahontas Inspired Bohemian One Shoulder Fringe Halloween Costume

Honor the cultural contributions of Native Americans across the country and throughout history. Although celebrated at different times in the Fall depending on the region, it's a great opportunity to educate your children and uplift indigenous voices by watching movies, reading books, and understanding their practices. 

September 25: Daughter's Day

Mia Belle Girls Mommy & Me

Today is all about daughters, and hey-- that includes you! Spend time with your daughter and if possible your parents writing heartfelt letters and notes, give gifts, or remind them of all the wonderful ways they have made your life better. And if you have a few Mommy and Me outfits, this is a perfect time to twin the day away!

September 27: Family Day- Dinner with Kids

Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar September 2021

When's the last time you all sat down around a table, devices off, and enjoyed each other's company over a wonderful meal? For some, it may have been a while. So spend Family Day by engaging with your loved ones over homecooked food telling jokes, talking about the new things in your lives and what you enjoy most about each other.

September 28: National Neighbor Day

Let's Celebrate: Mia Belle Girls Calendar September 2021

During the last pandemic year, many of us really got to know our neighbors. Talking over fences, waving from windows, and generally keep us sane, take today to thank or honor a member of your community. Did you know you could nominate them for a Good Neighbor Award? Might be worth looking into and a fun way to teach kindness and fellowship to your little one.

Every month is an opportunity to find, explore, and celebrate new things with your precious child. Stay tuned for our next Mia Belle Girls Calendar to help you find even more amazing things to do together.


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